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Industry Body & Regulator – Payments Canada, AusPayNet​

Payments Canada

  • Member of Product Strategy and Management tasked to create a new multi-year roadmap for Payments Canada’s systems.
  • Requirements development for the new real-time payments capability (Real-Time Rail). Provided strategic and business processes to committee that conducted assessment the market incumbent.
  • Contributed to Creation of the Modernization Roadmap and Industry Plan

AusPayNet (previously APCA)

  • Led strategic policy and engagement activities. Led the development of “Low Value Payments Roadmap” which resulted in New Payments Platform (NPP) which went live in February 2018
  • Led Same Day Settlement in Australia’s Direct Entry System. Moved industry from payments system settled at 9 am the next business day to 5 additional intraday settlements.
  • Led the industry response on Account Number Portability initiative, which resulted in a new account switching service enabling consumers to switch their accounts between financial institutions, while not imposing significant costs on industry.

Foundation & Not-For-Profit

  • Strategic, business and policy advisor for the Micro-Payments Gateway Project, a new real-time payments system for Pakistan. Member of the Technical Committee evaluating vendors.


  • Collaboration as a web-caster at Columbia’s Digital Financial Services Observatory

Legal & Regulatory

Legal & Regulatory Frameworks;  Legal & Regulatory Policy;  Regulatory Sandboxes;  Regulatory & Supervisory Technology

Payment Systems

Fast Settlements;  Micropayments Gateways;  Payment Systems Frameworks;  Payments Governance Structure;  Payments Inclusion Improvement;  Payments Technology

Risk & Compliance

AML, CFT, KYC;  Compliance Technology;  Fraud & Security;  Identity & Authentication;  Monitoring & Reporting

Teaching & Training

1-5 Day Intensives;  Individual or Small Group Coaching;  Seminars;  Webinars

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