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Award-winning financial services technology executives Matt Zufelt and Jeremy Green team up in the latest instalment of Digital Financial’s Future of Finance insights series to walk through the critical elements of planning and executing a successful digital transformation.

Digital Financial is very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in FATF’s consultations with the private sector on the proposed guidance on proliferation financing. Our Managing Partner, Lisa Skinner hopes to bring attention to the disproportionate burden which may be placed on small, low-risk institutions such as credit unions and community-based banks, especially those in small and complex jurisdictions such as the Caribbean.

La Trobe Law Professor—and Digital Financial Advisor—Louis de Koker shares his insights on the tension between measures to combat crime and the need to bolster financial inclusion in a working paper drafted in response to changes in the Financial Action Task Force’s risk-based approach.

Learn from top global experts and veteran Caribbean financial services leaders (Dr. Brad Pragnell, Paul Makin, Robert Frederick & Earl Gill) how today’s payments systems improve efficiency, security, and member experience.

In the first installment of Digital Financial’s Future of Finance insights series, our Associate—and veteran banker—Robert Frederick draws upon 40 years’ experience at leading financial institutions across the Caribbean to craft a roadmap toward accelerated migration to digital banking in the heavily cash-dependent region.

Mobile field Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is rapidly becoming an essential element of almost every digital financial service strategy. It is also key to the challenges of supporting micro-finance and financial inclusion in socially and geographically remote areas. Our Associate, Paul Makin offers some ideas on best practices.

The old hardware vs new OS challenge! Our Associate, Jeremy Skinner comments.

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