Staying Secure in a Digital World: A Holistic Approach to People, Compliance and Technology

The Covid crisis has caused financial institutions and the persons and businesses they serve to quickly adapt to digital alternatives. Does your Credit Union have the mindset and processes needed to protect its members’ money and privacy? Are you a “hard target” or an “easy mark” for fraud and digital thief? Are you ready to deal with ransomware, synthetic identities and device skimming? Do you know how to safely work from home and are you an active partner in ensuring the privacy and digital security of your members?

Top global experts and Caribbean financial services specialists discuss how Credit Unions can create an institution-wide attitude which protects themselves and their members in the digital world. This event will address issues in fraud, security and privacy across compliance, staff training, operational processes, channels and core technology.

Lead Speaker: Paul Makin

Panelists: David Medine, Louis de Koker, Diego Rivera, Matt Zufelt, Jeremy Skinner

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