Design & Implementation of Omni-channel Digital Sales for Global Top 50 Bank


A market-leading bank with multiple business lines—including deposits, secured and unsecured credit, payments, investments, and insurance—had siloed digital channels that created an uneven customer experience and a poor sales environment. The bank aimed to improve efficiency, increase sales, and hold onto its market share vs. both traditional rivals and emerging fintech challengers.


The team re-engineered the backend processes for all key products. This was complemented by the creation of a new real-time, multi-product online application process which simplified the customer experience while reducing both errors and time to fulfilment. Online sales opportunities were maximized by the deployment of a targeted cross-channel functionality (click-to-talk and click-to-chat) that linked the Web customer directly to a dedicated sales force. This increased internet and mobile initiated annual sales revenue by 400% over 4 years while decreasing “cart abonnement”.

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